Wellness Services

Wellness at Cottonwood Village

Cottonwood Village focuses on the personalized care, comfort and well-being of its residents which is why we offer only the best in personalized healthcare. Your health and wellness are important to us so we provide professional healthcare and support services tailored to your needs should you require assistance. 

Our Cottonwood Village staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you or your loved one with any time-sensitive needs that may arise. Our medication-care managers organize the medication services available to our residents. Staff can engage in monitoring residents' blood sugar to tailor daily pill dosages. Though we are not licensed to offer medication dispensing services, residents are supported in their self-medication efforts as much as possible.

We have a registered dietician/nutritionist on-site to provide nutritional advice and meal planning assistance.

We recruit first-class visiting podiatrists whose job it is to ensure our residents are happy, fit, and mobile. Regular visits from specialized occupational therapists are available to residents to aid development, recovery, improvements, and maintenance of skills needed for daily living.

We have a doctor on call to handle adjustments in medication, continued consultation, and urgent medical needs when they arise.

We offer on-site home care to our residents to guarantee all healthcare needs are accounted for. Our residents can schedule reminders and exceptions for both medications and care activities.

On-site hospice care is provided. Cottonwood Village also offers respite care - a short-term stay at a senior living community - perfect for those recovering from a hospital visit, the interim during which a caregiver takes an extended vacation, or simply to experience a senior living trial period.