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Cottonwood Village was thoughtfully designed to deliver the best lifestyle rural Alberta has to offer. Located in Claresholm in the heart of the foothills, surrounded by lush grasslands and mountain views, we pride ourselves on being part of the relaxed Claresholm community.

Living at Cottonwood Village will make it easy to enjoy every moment while creating new and lasting memories. You can relax knowing that our qualified staff will be there for you when you need them. Inviting ambiance, relaxed dining and pleasurable activities await you at Cottonwood Village!

Welcome. Home.

Hi there, My name is Ali and I am one of the owner operators of Cottonwood Village here in Claresholm, Alberta. It’s our privilege to be part of this community since 2015. I had the unique occasion to move in with my family with our 2 month old daughter when we purchased the property and we quickly became part of the community. Since then, I have volunteered to lead the Claresholm Economic Development Committee, been involved in countless community initiatives and launched our very successful Cottonwood club, a community club geared for like minded seniors who can get together and socialize.

Cottonwood is all about active living and a sense of involvement within our community. When you visit, You will find the warmth of good food, great company and a feeling of home. Just ask Kay or Barb when you come.

Let us welcome you home. Whatever I can do, Please let me know. I look forward to having you visit, stop by for coffee or come live with us!

Why choose independent living

Cottonwood Village is designed for self-sufficient, well, active and autonomous Seniors.  At Cottonwood Village, independent living means all the freedom and flexibility of living on your own with no day-to-day responsibilities, like grocery shopping, cooking, housecleaning, so you can enjoy an active social life with family and friends, pursue your hobbies, explore new interests and friendships, and engage in a wide range of activities if you wish to. How you spend your time is completely up to you!

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