Why our residents love Cottonwood.

June 1st

June 1st


Dear Residents, Families and Care Partners:

 We hope you and your families are all safe and well.

 Thank you for the incredible courage, strength and cooperation you have shown in protecting our cherished residents and those who care for them. As we all start to experience quarantine fatigue and loosened lockdowns, please do not forget the public health measures that have allowed us to battle the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. 

We will continue to rely on the latest science on COVID and be guided by compassion. Let’s make sure we don’t give up on the hard earned gains we have made until we are sure it is safe to do so. COVID-19 has certainly challenged us and continues to do so, but with our collective efforts we will prevail through this marathon and will come out of it stronger. 


Shout out! 

Shout out to our friends at Cubii, makers of Under Desk Elliptical machines, for generously donating equipment to our communities. As you can see below, these amazing little units are  helping residents remain active and healthy during this time of physical distancing.














Let’s Continue to Stay Safe. COVID-19 Prevention at Optima Living Communities includes infection control precautions that are being taken in each of our residences and offices, including implementing all recommendations from Health Authorities and Government Officials. Some of these protocols include:


  • Universal masking for care partners: All care partners who provide direct or indirect care within 2 meters of a resident wear a surgical mask. This will help us reduce the potential spread of the virus by providing an added layer of protection for care partners and residents alike. 


  • Enhanced screening for the virus: All sites are actively screening (including regular temperature checks) all care partners, essential visitors and residents according to government guidelines.


  • Limited access to essential visitors only:  At all sites from Independent Living to Long Term Care. Arrangements for outdoor visits are available at all sites.


  • Infection control and outbreak plans are in place and ready to activate.


  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation, particularly of high-touch areas, in all communities. 


  • Ensuring adequate supplies of personal protective equipment are available in each facility in case of an outbreak. 










Hope you all have a great week and please remember to take care of yourselves and remain both cautious and vigilant in our precautionary measures and safety protocols for the sake of our residents and all those who care for them.

We will prevail in this crisis and will come out of it stronger. 


Thank you.   Be safe.   Be well.

Farid Damji | Co-Founder & Principal

Optima Living Communities